Emotional recognition with WebCams

AffectSense uses WebCams to capture and predict emotions. This technology is useful for companies who need to know affective states of people interacting with audiovisuals, including marketing, educational technology and video games.

Sentiment Analysis on Twitter

AffectSense monitors Twitter to offer an affective overview of words, trending topics or comments of interest. By combining Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence, we provide complete reports of sentiments in relation to geography, gender and other variables. This tool is useful for companies or political parties who wish to have an in-depth knowledge of how people feel.

Affective Opinion Analyses

AffectSense offers personalised questionnaires based on Web and Apps to study users’ affective opinions in specific contexts. This service is useful for political parties, pollsters, media and companies who wish to know in-context detail of how people feel in relation to a topic.