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Introducing Sense Meetings

Are your online meetings as engaging and effective as you think? With our newest AI Sense integration, you won’t keep wondering–you’ll know. Find out how your web meeting participants are feeling in real-time to either keep you on the right track or nudge you to be more engaging and productive. 

Host a meeting and get a real-time analysis of how your participants are feeling about the content being discussed. This technology is perfect for educators, entrepreneurs, businesses, tech companies, and beyond. Get started today.

How It Works

Incorporating Sense Meetings to your next virtual meeting will not only improve your viewer engagement, but you will receive in-depth data to analyze and help you make further enhancements to all future online meetings you host.

Host an Online Meeting

Begin your virtual meeting as usual with your meeting ID. Your guests will also do the same when they join. Data analysis will begin at the start of your meeting.

Get a live audience analysis

You’ll receive real-time data in a pie chart summarizing how your audience is feeling throughout your meeting. For example, you’ll know what percentages are feeling bored, frustrated, or content.

Increase Viewer Engagement

As the meeting host, you’ll be able to change the tone of your meeting based on the given live audience data. Use this data to make on-the-spot improvements or to make future meeting enhancements. 

Why Choose AffectSense?

instant data

Get business insights in real-time to better understand users, consumers, and customers. 

Customized Integrations

Identify, analyaze, understand, and improve the indicators that are most important to your business.

Qualitative Analysis

Enriches your decision making about products and services by giving insight into possible future reactions.

Enhances the workplace

Efficiently evaluate and improve your workplace productivity with affective AI technology.

Predicts Future Behaviors

Predict future consumer actions and behaviors through in-depth emotion reports.

Social engagement

Identify consumption patterns and empathy of your social followers and audience in real-time.

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