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Creating the Best AI Software

Our predictive models of emotions are developed considering the geography where your audience is. We believe general, off-the-shelf models may lead to biases. With a patent pending in Mexico and the U.S., our predictive artificial intelligence software is the only one of its kind that has the functionality to recognize emotions depending on the context.

Our Mission

AffectSense is a pioneering prediction technology company that provides businesses and organizations with powerful and innovative online artificial intelligence tools to measure real-time consumer or audience emotions.

Through the in-depth collection and analysis of emotions, our technological platform generates scientific data to help you make accurate consumer behavior predictions. Using the power of machine learning, we help our clients achieve their revenue and goals for success. 

Why Choose Sense AI Software

Together, we’ll design the best solution for your emotional intelligence needs. Industries that will benefit from our technology include:

Market Research

By implementing our AI tools to collect emotional data in digital environments, your market studies will be enriched by detecting in-depth audience insights.

Advertising Analysis

Evaluate the impact of your advertising campaigns, predict the success of your next product launch, evaluate your PR actions, and much more with AffectSense AI technology.

Professional Behaviors

Efficiently evaluate and improve your workplace productivity with affective Sense AI technology. 

Multimedia Usability

Use the power of predictive AI to ensure success with your target audience for your TV series episodes, pilot program, new website, new video, and much more.

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